Beauty treatment with bee venom

Beauty Articles - The sting of a bee can remove wrinkles? It may sound strange, but the venom in bee stings are being studied to be used as an anti-aging drug that can magically create beauty youthful face.

Researchers found that bee venom can increase collagen, which makes beauty skin youthful, elastic and reduce the impact of hazards sunlight.

Face masks containing bee venom has become a trend among celebrities over the years. These masks are usually only available in salons and spas.

Now the first new facial treatment using bee venom has also been launched after previously conducted research for 12 years. This research was conducted by scientist Dr Sang Mi Han Korea to New Zealand beauty company, Manuka Doctor which has been available in stores in Holland & Barrett began last Monday.

The company claims this beauty treatment bee venom is the best alternative to replace Botox. This product is said to lead to 'tingling soft' on the skin. By entering bee venom, body 'fooled' and cause the blood leads to the affected area of toxins and stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, which keep the skin taut.

"It also increases the number of cells called keratinocytes (keratinocytes), which acts as a barrier against environmental factors such as bacteria, water loss and sun damage," said Dr. Han is a researcher at South Korea's National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as reported by Dailymail , Tuesday (29/11/2011).

Keratinocytes are the cells in the top layer of the skin is needed to keep skin young, but the number of these skin cells will decrease which makes decrease in skin elasticity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

And purified bee venom has been shown to increase the number of keratinocytes, which in turn increases the elasticity of the skin.

"I have done extensive research and clinical trials to prove that purified bee venom can help the formation of collagen and prevent sun damage. Exposure to sunlight is one of the main causes of wrinkles because UV light increases levels of proteins that are responsible for the degradation of collagen in skin, "said Dr. Han.

According to Dr. Han, no bees were harmed in this treatment, because any toxins collected using a special device that keeps bees in order to not get hurt.

"Extracted from bee venom using a secure process that ensures the life of bees, well-being and does not affect performance. Specialty glass surface (also known as kolekter) placed along gates weak hive and electric current is run through the surface, the bee sting with a gentle push. Due bee sting surface, then it will not penetrate the stomach and the bees will remain intact. they will not die and were not injured, "said a spokesman for Holland and Barrett.

Bee venom has been collected will then be dried, harvested and purified to remove substances that are not desirable as oil, dust and pollen.

Bee venom has been used in medical applications since ancient times. Bee venom also contains a protein called apamin which relaxes the muscles and is used in the treatment of arthritis is called apitherapy, and to relieve the symptoms of muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.

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